This year’s most important Christmas present will help stop child marriage in Malawi

This year’s most important Christmas present will help stop child marriage in Malawi

The FM network for radio was turned off in Norway last week. It gives a new start to the radio network in Malawi and will contribute to a better future for the children in the country. The Malawian radio station Radio Timweni will take over equipment from the FM network used in Norway which will increase radio coverage in the country. Today, the channel covers around 60 percent of the country, but with 14 new transmitters’ coverage will be close to 100 percent and all children in Malawi will be able to listen to the important channel.

Radio Timweni is a child and youth channel that uses radio to communicate important messages such as children’s rights and the law against child marriage.

Reuse of the radio network
Norkring owns, operates and builds broadcasting networks in Norway and wishes with this gift to contribute expertise and equipment to further expand the network in Malawi.

“We want to make a difference through radio. In Norway, FM is shut off, as the first country in the world, and Norkring will, with our transmitters, and our expertise, provide new opportunities for children and young people. Our employees are passionate about radio and therefore it’s gratifying that this year’s Christmas present can help young girls from getting married and instead go to school like our own children, “says Torbjørn Ø. Teigen, CEO of Norkring.

Children help children
When Radio Timweni gets better coverage, it means that more children and young people will get information about their rights. Through the radio, the channel spreads knowledge about children’s rights, communicates what the children should do if they discover violation and share knowledge about what is law/not law etc. The channel’s program managers are children and adolescents.

“This is a very generous Christmas present, which will help ensure that rights for children. We think it’s gratifying that Norkring contributes this way. We know that radio is important and effective communication channel to spread knowledge and information about issues like the law against child marriage. A ban was introduced earlier this year, but we must also spread information about the ban and emphasize how children and young people can help prevent child abuse, “says Kjell Erik Øie, the secretary-general in Plan International Norway.