Say no to violence against girls

adopt_law_button(24th of September) Norkring supports the yearly campaign from Plan Norge and encourage everyone to adopt My Law!

How much is too much?
It’s too much, we sometimes think. We do not want to hear another story about children who are hurt. But are we in a position to think like that? If we know that every second there are four girls who are exposed to violence in schools. Can you stop care? Can you refrain from doing everything you can to stop it? Plan Norge wants to stop it! The next few weeks they will shout out as loud as they can to help girls who deserve a safe school setting and they ask us to join them. .


Support the Girl campaign, adopt My law!
Every second, four girls are subject to harassment, violence and abuse at school or on the way to school. The abusers are teachers, classmates and men in the community. By adopting My Law you say no to violence against girls in school and commit yourself to defend girls’ rights. You also support a call for all countries to enforce laws prohibiting violence in schools. Adopt My Law

A new start
Sarah (17) from South Sudan was raped in the refugee camp. But with the support of the Plan life has become brighter and for the first time in her life Sarah finally gets the opportunity to go to school. Sarah’s story

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