Peaceful holidays for the Norkring operational system

Storm_jul_2015(2th of February) With good manpower and an emergency preparedness plan in place, Norkring was well equipped for the holiday season.  As forecast, the weather was particularly bad with many weather alerts in numerous locations throughout Norway. In spite of this, there was a high level of availability of Norkring’s services over Christmas and the New Year.

“It’s great to see that the upgrades and improvements to the network have been so effective”, says COO Operations, Dag Skarsgård, referring to the high level of availability of all services over Christmas.

Focus on operations and service provision
Several initiatives were implemented in 2015 to make the transmitter networks more robust, and these yielded good results. In December, availability levels were high, with levels of up to 100% for many services.

The installation of surge protectors in several stations, as well as the upgrading of units and their remote control, is one of the implemented initiatives. This mitigates fault situations caused by lightning and/or power failure. Of all the incidents registered in December, 55% were due to external power, so it is good to note that services returned after power outage, Skarsgård stresses.


Top people on the job!
Staff levels at Norkring were generally high during Christmas and New Year, while there was also the option of calling in extra staff if needed.
“With good people on the job and a little bit of luck in relation to the weather, Norkring managed very well during the storms and didn’t have to bother the on-call staff”, concludes Dag, who was very pleased with the work internally and in the field operating company.