Norkring takes Swedish elite football to New heights

(5th of February) -Norkring’s solution won the tender and they are now set to broadcast elite football in Sweden.

The Telenor-owned company, Norkring, has entered into a 10-year agreement with the Swedish Football League (SEF) that is worth 100 million Norwegian kroner. The agreement means that Swedes can now watch elite football at home on Swedish TV.

Norkring will provide a modern media network for transmitting audio and video from the arenas. Norkring’s solution involves transmission from 32 arenas that serve the top two divisions in Swedish football to central recipients including TV4 and CMore in Stockholm for the Allsvenskan and Superettan leagues.

-This is an important agreement and confirmation that Norkring also provides competitive services outside Norway, says CEO Torbjørn Ødegård Teigen, who is very pleased that SEF has chosen Norkring as a service provider.

Norkring currently transmits live videos from arenas to TV studios (contribution) of handball, ice hockey and football in Norway with very positive customer feedback.

-The solution is the same as the one Norkring currently provides for Fotball Media/the Norwegian Football Association, and we are naturally very pleased that our Swedish neighbours have heard about our good reputation, Teigen says.

– SEF has now chosen a modern technical platform that is designed to improve your football experience whether you are at the stadium or sitting at home in your living room watching football, says Mads Enquist, general secretary of SEF. According to Enquist, the agreement is very important for SEF as it connects all arenas to the same network so that content can be exchanged and a first-class service is provided to every club in the Allsvenskan and Superettan leagues.

Norkring is a total supplier of the solution and is responsible for the operation 24/7.
The first part of the delivery should be ready in spring 2015, and the entire solution should be delivered by 1 January 2016.