Norkring joins the Dance on Ulriken

007(19th of November 2015) It all began with a bright idea from a few driving forces when Bergen was awarded European Capital of Culture status in 2000. Since then, there has been both light and dark on Ulriken…

“We have our many collaboration partners to thank for the fact that Lysdansen, or “light dance”, is still going 15 years after Bergen’s year as Capital of Culture. The light dance is an attraction for both local Bergen residents and visitors alike. We noticed the response while the lights were absent,” said a satisfied board member of For Bergen AS, the company which operates the light dance, and TV 2’s Distribution Director, Øivind Johannessen, who is pleased that Norkring is part of the team as “mast owner”.

Norkring contributes
Norkring sponsors the light dance with an annual sum of money that helps to cover expenses for electricity and solutions. Norkring has also facilitated access to the station and provided technical assistance.

“Norkring has a presence in urban areas and on mountain tops across the country. It’s nice to be able to contribute to local initiatives like the light dance,” said Therese Strand, Marketing Manager at Norkring and responsible for the agreement, adding: “I hope we can use the light dance in connection with activities organised by Norkring too”.

The lighting solution itself was created by light designer Arne Grønsdal from CP Norway. The tower lights up in different colours depending on the time of day.

A city landmark
Ulriken station has a special place in the hearts of the local population and is a popular excursion destination for both visitors and local residents. In recent years, the restaurant at the top and ropeway have been considerably upgraded and interest in Ulriken has increased greatly.