Norkring hopes to crack coverage limitations with its creative solutions

Norkring hopes to crack coverage limitations with its creative solutions

Service availability is everything, and the need to extend coverage is something that we contend with every day. Norkring can now offer stable and reliable coverage to areas in which it currently does not exist. With the help of our Norkring Extended Coverage service, we plan to bridge the gap between 4G and those areas in which there is no coverage at all, whether that’s in the air, on water, along the coast or in sparsely populated areas.

“We hope to fulfil a requirement that already exists, but for which there is currently no solution in place”, explains Vivi Nyseter-Østby, Director of Product and Sales at Norkring, who heads up the team working to develop a network that uses mesh technology and a variety of media solutions. Mesh is a flexible, self-configuring and self-healing network. Data is moved between the individual mesh network terminals so that connectivity is always maintained between two devices, provided that they are connected to the mesh network.

With this service, Norkring can provide broadband/internet coverage via connected devices, i.e. connectivity, to areas in which 4G coverage is currently not available. The solution has a wealth of applications and is relevant to different industries.

For example, Norkring Extended Coverage can provide coverage to a drone for filming and transferring a live stream from inaccessible locations so that near-real-time information can be made available to the emergency services. The service can also provide coverage for monitoring the coastline, mountains and deep valleys, for troubleshooting along power lines, for facilitating real-time video transfer in emergency situations and for helping the media to cover events in sparsely populated areas.

“We demonstrated the solution at “The Arctic Drone Event” on Svalbard, where Norkring provided the connectivity for streaming live video from the innermost part of Billefjorden at the Nordenskkjöldbreen glacier and on the Pyramiden site, where there is no mobile coverage. The Norkring solution was also used to provide temporary Wi-Fi coverage for the conference delegates as they toured the abandoned mining city of Pyramiden on Svalbard.

“It’s fantastic that we made it possible for the first ever mobile phone call to be made from Pyramiden”, says Nyseter-Østby with delight. Nyseter-Østby reports that the former Director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Norway, Svein Olav Aasen from Bodø, called his wife at home via the Norkring network and described the telephone line as “like talking face to face”.

The Norkring service may be relevant to several industries and stakeholders who need to establish and extend their local network and connectivity, both on a long-term and temporary basis.

Norkring has already had the service, its range and its possibilities thoroughly tested during its work as the main communications supplier for the slow TV coverage produced by Norwegian broadcasting company NRK, via programmes such as the Summer Entertainment Shows from the Skibladner paddle steamer, the Besseggen ridge and the Galdhøpiggen mountain, and the minute-by-minute documentary that followed Norwegian adventurer Lars Monsen.

“We can respond at short notice and tailor these communication solutions, which have already been tested and simulated by our highly skilled team of radio planners”, Nyseter-Østby adds, with a clear invitation: If you know of a network that needs connectivity and you need some help with planning and engineering, then give Norkring a Call.