Norkring Arena Streaming

Expand your arena

Today, any event can be broadcasted to anyone. So, regardless of what type of arena you are managing, we can help you reach everyone who is interested in your event, no matter where they are.

The solution is called Norkring Arena Streaming (NAS). For the users it’s an app that can be used on all platforms. It gives the arena experience to those who cannot attend your event in person, whilst providing those that can with a tool that enriches their experience.

Adapted experiences
NAS can be easily adapted to your own association or club app. If you do not have one, you can make your own based on our app. Regardless of what your needs are, the NAS app can be adapted to all specific requirements.

Right now
NAS offers live streaming with the shortest stream delay on the market — a maximum of 6 seconds. This contributes to the very best live experience, and users avoid any spoilers. With NAS, you do not need separate streams for separate extractions from broadcasts, such as for tagging incidents during an event.

All content produced is saved in our Media Asset Management system. With this tool, you can extract highlights from previous events and produce new content for coming events.

Active use of meta data
Meta data from sports events are crucial for analyses, statistics and betting. Norkring has systems for obtaining data before an event, automatically or manually generating data during the actual event, and distributing it in a secure way to partners, subscribers or apps. The meta data will always be saved and connected to the content.

Give your audience what they want
Requiring users to log in to the app, means that you always know who is visiting your event and what their preferences are. This way, NAS enables you to provide tailor-made content based on what people are particularly interested in. NAS also enables both cross-selling and upselling through the identification of user groups in the app. So, your app is not merely a streaming service, it’s an advanced CRM-system giving you valuable insight into different customer needs.

What users get
For the public, access to the local app represents access to all events — whether they are physically present or not. The content produced in the app increases in value through the use of meta data, which contributes to the app offering more than the actual event can in real time:

  • Use of live statistics
  • Live reports from other arenas
  • Event replays
  • Option to order products (or food) directly at the arena
  • Personally adapted offers in real time

Arena Streaming has its own interface for tagging. Set up on a website it can be accessed from all types of devices (such as smartphones, tablets and PCs). This way, you can do the tagging from anywhere – at the event or perhaps from home. Tagging is an integrated part of Arena Streaming, so when, for example, you tag a goal, it will appear in the app as a clip with the accompanying meta data.

Expand your arena
With NAS, your arena becomes available to virtually everyone. It gives much better fan engagement, before, during and after the event, inside and outside the arena, or not at the arena at all — all from one single platform. This way, we contribute to expanding your arena.

So, your financial potential per event is not simply the number of physical seats you have at your arena. The potential of your arena is practically unlimited — with the help of NAS and a local app.