Media services

GOOOAL! Sports and entertainment bring us those amazing moments that we share and remember. Medianett, delivered by Norkring, takes your content where you want. We make sure your audience is the first to take part in those special moments. Our unique expertise within video and network services has made Norkring the preferred partner in the Nordic region.

Sports and entertainment providers depend on international partners in order to broadcast live from big and small events. Another requirement is reaching as many viewers as possible in a cost-efficient way, and making content available through several different platforms. Norkring is operational 24/7, so you can rest assured that your services are running as they should.

Norkring media network services
Norkring offers contribution and distribution services to broadcasters and content providers. Whether it’s live sports, news broadcasts or entertainment – Norkring knows how.

Norkring’s media network is one of the world’s most advanced and comprehensive networks – in constant development in an ever changing market. Our ambition is to deliver sound and image of the highest possible quality, using professional, future-oriented solutions.

Reference cases

Norkring is currently providing contribution and WAN for Norwegian and Swedish football, handball and hockey – as well as connecting the NRK, TV2 and Discovery headquarters to their respective local offices. Transcoding and distribution of local TV channels to all media partners is also done via Norkring’s media network. Norking also provides arena streaming for NTF (Norsk Toppfotball) and SEF (Svensk Elitfotboll).

Torbjørn Østli
Director Media Services

Pål Kristiansen
Media Services