Norkring – a digital pioneer

Norkring has been a digital pioneer in broadcasting, radio and television in the last twenty years. Now we are working on the possibilities of digitization both in the media landscape and in society as a whole.

Norkring has 116 employees who every day look forward to realizing new opportunities with customers and partners. We have an innovative environment that realizes communication solutions tailored to market needs and have currently products and services for everyday use in the media market, including community-critical infrastructure, contribution, sports and agriculture. All new development in the company is based on insight and validated learning. The sooner we can move from an idea to validated success, the better. Norkring is a “big, small” company with the Nordic region as a market. We are adaptable to business models and technology and work every day to create value for and with our customers.

Meet some of our employees

Henrik Byremo

«Problems are the root of nearly all future business opportunities!»

Director Product Development and Sales
Henrik has worked in Norkring since 2012 and has been responsible for product development and sales since 2016. Henrik burns to use insights and learning from the outside world in the work the team does. This will help prioritize the solutions that create the most value for customers and partners. Henrik works closely with the rest of the organization to ensure that everyone is heading in the same direction.

Mette Killingberg

«The combination of technical insights and solution-oriented colleagues makes the projects successful.»

Senior Project Manager
Mette has been working in different projects in Norkring since 2009. She has been responsible for national projects in recent years, including turning off the FM network and the frequency-freeze of the 700 MHz band. The projects often involve the development of new solutions or new ways of working in close cooperation with customers and partners. Colleagues from all parts of the organization contribute to the projects to ensure we implement the best and most prospective services.

Ragnhild Klemsdal

«In Norkring we are all given the opportunity to participate in the development of the company»

Business Developer
Ragnhild has worked in Norkring since 2017. As a business developer, Ragnhild works with innovation and developing new ideas for products and services. An important part of the job is to ensure that the teams work together to achieve the goals. It is of most importence that the projects always involve teams with people from different disciplines.


Norkring by numbers

Revenue - NOK 1 billion (2017)
Assets - NOK 2,4 billion (2017)
Solid financial position - 38 % equity capital, 116 employees

Owned by Telenor


Highest tower

Social responsibility

Norkring works continuously to keep focus on business ethcics.


- Identify and manage Norkring’s effect on the environment in compliance with international standards, and to ensure that our guidelines and procedures are aligned with Telenor Group.


- Identify and manage Norkring's effect on the community, such as human rights and monitoring of subcontractors.


- Ensure compliance with a high standard of business ethics and internationally recognised human rights and labour rights.


Norkring's Privacy Statement describes what information we collect about our customers and visitors to our website, how and why we collect and use the information as well as how we safeguard our customers' rights and privacy policy. Read the full statement here >>>

Torbjørn Ø. Teigen
Torbjørn Ødegard Teigen
Christian Skottun
Christian Skottun
Chief Security Officer
Bjørge Røsæg
Bjørge Røsæg
Inge Fagerbakke
Inge Fagerbakke
COO Operations
Ingrid Dietrichson
Ingrid Dietrichson
Director Communication
Odd-Willy Berg
Odd-Willy K. Berg
Emma Carlson
Emma Carlson
Ingvild Elie Larner
Ingvild Elie Larner
Tone Ludvigsen Risåsen
Tone Ludvigsen Risåsen
HR Manager