Norkring – a digital pioneer

Norkring has been on an exciting journey over the last 20 years, with a huge expansion of digital terrestrial networks for both TV and radio. The company is now facing new and exciting opportunities in a changing broadcasting market.

Norkring’s goal is to develop the company within the following three areas: Broadcast Services, Media Services and Tower Services. Cultivating our business areas will give us a better customer focus and the opportunity to develop each area individually – enabling us to provide the media experiences of the future.

What will take Norkring into the future is not necessarily what has brought the company where it is today. We need to challenge our own methods, develop and show that we are willing to seize future opportunities. If we can do this, we can be a digital pioneer!

Norkring by numbers

Revenue - NOK 1 billion (2016)
Assets - NOK 2,4 billion (2016)
Solid financial position - 38 % equity capital, 116 employees

Owned by Telenor


Highest tower

Social responsibility

Norkring works continuously to keep focus on business ethcics.


- Identify and manage Norkring’s effect on the environment in compliance with international standards, and to ensure that our guidelines and procedures are aligned with Telenor Group.


- Identify and manage Norkring's effect on the community, such as human rights and monitoring of subcontractors.


- Ensure compliance with a high standard of business ethics and internationally recognised human rights and labour rights.


Norkring's Privacy Statement describes what information we collect about our customers and visitors to our website, how and why we collect and use the information as well as how we safeguard our customers' rights and privacy policy. Read the full statement here >>>

Torbjørn Ødegard Teigen
Torbjørn Ødegard Teigen
Christian Skottun
Christian Skottun
COO Broadcast Services
Bjørge Røsæg
Bjørge Røsæg
COO Tower Service
Inge Fagerbakke
Inge Fagerbakke
COO Operations
Ingrid Dietrichson
Ingrid Dietrichson
Director Communication
Odd Willy Berg
Odd Willy Berg