A Christmas greeting with an appeal from Malawi: Listen to us!

This year’s Christmas greeting comes from Malawi and Norkrings cooperation with Plan International Norway. Through Radio Timveni’s work we help to change attitudes about child marriage and violence against girls.

Rejoice is the communication manager in Plan Malawi and says that nearly half of Malawi’s 17 million inhabitants are under the age of 15. Child marriage is a big challenge and Malawi is unfortunately high on the list of countries with high occurrence of child marriages.

In Mulanje, the district where radio programs from Radio Timveni are produced, reports show that between 80-90% of girls are married before the age of 18. Poverty and traditions are the main reasons.

Plan’s main media partner in Malawi is called Timveni. Timveni means “Listen to us!” says Many Anda Nyasulu, the Exceutive Director of Timveni. Together Plan and Radio Timveni work to give young people a voice and let them be heard. Radio helps spread the messages and ensure that children and young people receive information about their rights and responsibilities.

Plan International in Malawi hope that the partnership with Norkring will make it possible to reach out to even more young people with important message that can change the attitude towards child marriage.